Tips on How to Mount Your TV on Your Wall 

Are you planning on investing on a brand-new television this quarantine? Or perhaps you just want your space tidied up a bit and want your TV out of that shelf so that you can take advantage of your space more now that everyone’s at home. Whatever reason that may be, mounting your TV on your wall is always a good idea. One, it can be a safe technique to keep your investment in a space that’s out of reach from your children or pets. Moreover, while you are saving space from the old way of keeping your TV on a shelf or a table, you are actually making your life easier because mounting your TV on the wall will enable you to move it an angle that best suits your point of view. 

Now that you’re considering mounting your newly invested TV on your walls, you need to know how you can do the process and that’s what I’ll take about here. 

  1. Wall check 

The first thing you should consider when mounting your TV on your wall is the wall you’re attaching it too. What material does your wall have? Is it made of bricks or wood? Having a wall made of bricks is a good way to mount your TV when it comes to ensuring sturdiness. However, when it comes to brick walls, you also need to make sure that you dig in the wall deep enough when mounting and of course use wall anchors that are heavy duty, especially if your TV is on the heavy side. Wooden stud walls can be a good material for mounting your TV as well however you need to make sure that you have special fixings while taking the weight of your TV into account as well. 

  1. TV Position 

Before you make any mistake and leave your walls with unnecessary holes, make sure that you know where you really want your TV to be mounted. This process is not just about keeping away unnecessary holes but most of all placing your TV high enough from the reach of your kids and pets. 

  1. Attach Brackets 

Once you’re done with the drilling process, it’s time for putting in the brackets onto your TV so that you can now mount it on your wall. This is the easiest and final part of the mounting or attachment process. Do make sure that in this mounting process you firmly attach the TV you’re mounting. 

  1. Connect the Wirings 

Now that your TV is up on your wall, go ahead and connect the cables or wirings assigned to specific jacks on your TV.  

I know mounting your TV can be really easy to try to do after you’ve done reading these 4 little steps. However, in mounting your TV, you need a bit of weight lifting and sometimes when attaching it, you’ll need an extra pair of hands. If you are some who lives alone and is having difficulty mounting your TV on your own, consider getting help from an expert. TV wall mount installation is an expertise of home studios pros bend. These are people who would like to give you all the help you need in making sure your TV is mounted perfectly and your space a little cozier and more spacious. 

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